About me

Hello, my name is Henri Kesseli and this is my personal website.

I'm a techie and a RPG-geek from Tampere, Finland. I work as a software developer. I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science from theĀ University of Helsinki. I wrote my thesis about current trends in embedded systems utilizing cloud resources.

I enjoy web development, trying out things with Arduino and Raspberry Pi as well as dabbling with mobile app development, mostly in iOS environment. If it's tech, I'm likely interested.

On my free time I enjoy listening to podcasts and playing tabletop roleplaying games like Shadowrun and the various WoD franchise games. I'm not big on the D&D type of games though.

About this site

This site is all about tech, games and anything that seems interesting to me. I'll write infrequently, but when I write, I try to write something of value. At the moment, most my posts are tutorials. They are really just notes for me how to do things. However, I'll write them so that they can be used by others as well.

If you want to get in touch about any of these topics you can contact me on Twitter where I use the handle @HKi.

Technology behind the site

The site can be clearly divided as to backend and frontend.

The back-end is implemented as a Node.js application using Express.js framework. The database that drives this site uses MongoDB.

The data model layer is implemented so that I can switch away from MongoDB or use other database engines in conjunction. One possible addition is Redis to store trafic information.

The back-end is tested using Mocha with should.js

The front-end uses Jade for templating. Sites CSS is preprosessed using Sass and Autoprefixer. I also use Google Code Prettify for code highlighting and some jQuery.

I run and maintain my own server. As a server I use a Intell NUC running Ubuntu Server.