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No promises

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. At least that's what the proverbs say. My intention was to write several blog posts during 2017 and look how that turned out. I wrote one post outlining my intensions and then nothing.

My plan has always been that I write for myself. That is, I write about something I'm interested in or I write something down. Just in case the information might come handy at a later date. If someone else benefits from the post that's a definitive bonus. I try to make my posts somewhat coherent and avoid substance errors. Though, grammar errors are bound to happen as english is not my first language. I don't have a schedule or a compulsion to write.

What I'm trying to say, in my usual rambling way, is that this year I make no promises. Let see how that works out.


Future posts: It's all about code and Star Wars

Just few days ago I finally published a new post, just before the New Year. But before that I had been silent over a year. Hopefully this year I'll be able to publish more than one post. This post is about my plans what to publish this year.

The past couple of years has been (mostly) good for Star Wars fans. We have gotten new movies and new perspective on the Galaxy far far away.

I have gotten absolutely nuts and geeked out over Star Wars (again). I have read all of the new canon novels. I have read more graphic novels (comics) than I have in ages. I have listened to podcasts about Star Wars and heard almost every theory the Internet has about who is Snoke and who are Rey's parents. I have played the new table-top roleplaying game, aptly named Star Wars, and the new miniatures game Armada published by Fantasy Flight Games.

I would be lying if I'd say I had done this purely for research so I could make some nice posts about the topic. But since I have invested all that time to this "hobby" I thought I might do some post based on my experiences with the books, games and the franchise in general.

In addition to Star Wars, I'm planning to make short post about specific features in various programming languages. Most likely those languages will be Swift, Go and perhaps PHP and Node (JS).

Stay tuned, if you are interested.


The New Site

Hello world! Again. Welcome to my new site.

I have written on and off since 2006. Most of my writings have dealt with current and popular tech phenomena.

My new site and blog will continue covering those topics with some new additional topics such as RPG (roleplaying games) related posts. I have been a keen tabletop roleplayer for years and I might cover topics related to that hobby.

I will not write often and instead will try to focus on analysis or technical details. I will most likely also write different how tos and guides that have rather selfish purpose. I try to document issues I have run into so that I have set of instructions for myself when I mess my setup and have to redo everything.

I have accumulated an archive of several hundreds posts. This site will start from scratch but I will redo some old posts that I feel are relevant or otherwise useful such as many of the how tos. I will also write in english. I used to write my posts in finnish.

My first real post will be published tomorrow at noon. It will go trough the phases of this sites development over the years.