Wacom makes great drawing tablets and fun drawing tools like the Inkling. Unfortunately I have been less than impressed with their Sketch Manager application in OS X, the software that comes bundled with the Inkling pen. When I login after a restart, the Sketch Manager starts automatically. This can get annoying and it's not the way this kind of OS X application should behave.

Sketch Manager

What's the problem?

The Sketch Manager is useful to transfer drawings and notes from the pen's memory. However, there is no need for it to launch after restarts. Unless the intention is to annoy users. Typically these sorts of programs place them selves into the user's automatic login items menu, where they are easy to disable or remove completely. Unfortunately, Sketch Manager disappoints again. It does not follow this custom.

Luckily there is a way to prevent it from automatically starting. The Sketch Manager uses launchd, the OS X launch daemon to launch at start up and has it's settings stored in a plist-file. By modifying the settings in this plist-file we can prevent Sketch Manager from misbehaving. Plist-files are everywhere in OS X, they are binary property list files, commonly used to store settings.

The Solution

To modify plist-files, you need some tools. If you have Xcode installed, you are all set. If not, you need to install Xcode from the App Store or some other application that can handle plist-files, like TextWrangler or BBEdit.

  1. Go to /Users/{YOUR SHORT USERNAME}/Library/LaunchAgents/com.wacom.SketchManager.plist
  2. Open the plist-file with a editor like Xcode (free), TextWrangler (free) or BBEdit (payed)
  3. Set RunAtLoad to NO (in Xcode) or false in a text editor like BBEdit

Thats it. The next time you restart, Sketch Manager won't bother you.