I finally had the chance to run Shadowrun this sunday. I only had one player for this session and I was a bit worried whether I could make the game interesting. Initially I felt it really needed at least two players with four being ideal. As it turns out, it went very well.

Alea iacta est We played Shadowrun 4th edition with the 20th anniversary core rules. I used pre-made game called “Copycat Killer” (CMP 2010-02). The game was developed for gaming conventions and to be playable in one four-hour slot. The game was not initially released publicly but was later bundled with Missions Season 4 adventure called “On A Silver Platter“. The Copycat Killer is a prequel for On A Silver Platter but both can be played separately.

The official short description has the following to say about the mission:

For three years the Mayan Cutter terrorized the metahumans of Seattle and many point to their inability to stop him as the reason Lone Star lost it’s Seattle contract. Shortly after Knight Errant took over, the killings stopped and the Tin Men took credit for bringing him down. But now the killings have started again. Is it a copycat or is it the real deal? You’ll have the chance to find out when a grief-stricken Mr. Johnson calls you to track him down so he can get revenge.

It took us about five hours to play the game including a coffee break. The game progressed nicely. The mission was very well written, it included several flexible ways to complete the mission and no logical story glitches that I could find. Since I had only one player I decreased the difficulty level of the game by introducing fewer antagonist especially in combat sequences.

I might have decreased the difficulty too much since the player character, cute elven street samurai, chopped the opposition into pieces quite fast with her humongous initiative attribute and additional initiative phases.

One of my favorite part was when the player character faced off two gang members. She raced toward the gang members in her motorbike, guns blazing. The gang members had stopped their car in the middle of the street, stepped out and from the cover of the doors they attempted to shoot down the player character. The encounter did not end well for the gang members.

In a another encounter a humanis policlub mage cast a fireball spell at the player character. She had already injured the mage and the mage had six points of stun damage. The mage succeeded in his spell but the drain of casting such a spell combined with the stun already accumulated rendered the mage unconscious. He fell down like a log. Luckily our street sam had a fire resistant armor so she ended up just patting down some smoldering patches of her clothing.

The mission worked well for one player with the difficulty level lowered and my player seemed quite pleased and entertained after the game. Copycat Killer was also a good starting point for my first ever Shadowrun session.