Ropecon, the biggest roleplaying convention in Finland ended on sunday. The official word is that the convention had over 3600 attendees.

The main entrance to the convention centre. The convention gathers tabletop role-players, live role-players, card game players, figurine gamers and non-electronic gamers all over Finland and increasingly from abroad. The age range varies greatly. I spotted infants and elders among the attendees. In recent years the medium age has risen slightly according to my travel companions subjective observation.

The convention’s program varies greatly and there are lot of it. There are workshops, lectures, music performances, dancing, competitive tournaments and non-competetive gaming. Most likely something is missing from my list. Even if you are not a role-playing game enthusiast I would bet that you would find some aspect of the convention that makes it worth attending.

The convention invites guests of honor and this year we had Kevin Wilson ja D. Vincent Baker. Kevin Wilson has designed board games such as Arkham Horror (2005) ja A Game of Thrones (2003). Vincent Baker is known indie game designer-producer and he is behind of titles such as Dogs in the Vineyard (2004) and Apocalypse World (2010). Because there was so much stuff I unfortunately missed the guests of honor completely.

I was there because I’m a tabletop gamer. I’m not a regular Ropecon attendee and it has been a long since I was there the last time. I have to say I wonder why haven’t I attended more often. It’s really fun.

I attended a CSI workshop where a real-life police investigator revealed the content of his crime scene investigation kit and some basic steps they take. We got to take some finger prints from glass jars and were given demonstration of various techniques such as how to take a silicon mold.

Crime scene investigation workshop at Ropecon XX

I also went to some lectures. I seem to have a theme here since the lectures were about spying organizations and espionage as well as about the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (SUPO) and the Finnish Police. I did attend to a lecture about fantasy map cartography, subject near and dear to my heart. So it was not only cloak and dagger themed lectures for me.

SUPO lecture at Ropecon XX

Naturally there was gaming too. Me and my travel companions timetable didn’t ever seem to fit with the times of the interesting game sessions available and we used too much time what to part take. There was just so much options. I did run Shadowrun Missions to my friend so we got to do some gaming everyday.

Tabletop Roleplaying

I did not bring back a lot of stuff other than the mandatory T-shirt and a new roleplaying game. The game I bought is a Finnish roleplaying game called Myrskyn Sankarit or Heroes of the Storms in English.

Loot from Ropecon XX - Shirt and a game

Myrskyn Sankarit is a light table-top fantasy RPG with easy rules. It is geared towards young players and those who are just beginning to play roleplaying games. The game comes in a beautifully illustrated box. The overall production quality of the game is good. There are not many Finnish games published these days that have been so well produced. The game was worth buying just for that reason alone. The game’s idea seems fun and I can imagine playing it as a light, short campaign or as a one-shot.

Naturally Ropecon is also a great opportunity to socialize with people who have similar interests. So if games are your thing it’s easy to recommend Ropecon to anyone in Helsinki in the end of July.