Shadowrun is a great RPG, but it can be heavy on the rules side. Keeping track off all the stats can be a big mental overload, especially in the middle combat scenes.

To help unload some of this burden, I have made game aides. Their job is to help me to manage essential combat stats, like turn and initiative information as well as the health of the characters.

There are two different aids that I use in my games. The combat resolution sheet and combat monitor slips.

Shadowrun Combat Aid Sheets

Combat Resolution Sheet

Combat Resolution Sheet is just a fancy name for piece of paper that has some boxes to fill. But they help me track combat actions and their resolution.

At the top of the sheet there are some boxes for situational modifiers. I always forget the modifiers so this reminds me. There are boxes for environmental, hazard, Matrix and magic modifiers as well as some space for notes.

Gamemaster's Combat Resolution Sheet Header

The real meat of the sheet are the lines bellow. A line represents a single attack action.

Gamemaster's Combat Resolution Sheet Line

First there is room for the names of the combatants. I just quickly scribble initials or some marker there. Then a group of four boxes. First one is for hits gained from the attack test, then hits from the defenders defense test. After that I mark the base DV of the attack and finally the modified DV.

Gamemaster's Combat Resolution Sheet Line (first group)

Then there is another group of four boxes. These are used for the damage resistance test. First of these boxes marks the armor value if the defender has an armor. Then I mark the armor piercing value from the attackers weapon. Third box is reserved for the defenders Body-attribute. The final box of this group sums the result of the resistance test.

Gamemaster's Combat Resolution Sheet Line (second group)

After these two groups there is a box, separated from the others where I mark the total damage suffered.

As you can see, keeping these stats in your head can get a bit overwhelming when you also have a scene to run and a story to tell.

Combat Monitor Slips

In air control, the controllers use paper slips that contain essential info to guide the flights and maintain order. The slips are queued. First in order is on the top of the queue and the last one is at the bottom. The controller takes a slip from the top of the queue, processes the flight and moved to the next flight on the top of the queue. Simple. Effective.

Simplified Combat Monitor Slip

Inspired by this, I created paper slips to keep track of combat in Shadowrun. The character with the highest initiative is on the top of the queue. When the characters action phase is over, the slip is placed at the bottom of the queue.

The slip contains the minimum info needed. It has info about whose turn it is, what is the initiative score is, armor and defense stats and so on.

I have found this an effective way to keep score. This lets me focus on other things other than trying to remember who's going next.

This also keep the players informed. They can see easily when their turn is and what they are up against.

Downloads, legalize and further development

I might fine tune them more in the future. Biggest missing feature is characters Body-attribute in the combat monitor slips. There isn't much more I can squeeze in. I want to keep the sheet and slips somewhat legible. If I put everything in, the sheet and slips start to loose their usefulness. I might as well print character sheets then.

Oh, and just to make sure. Here is the legalize. I'm just a fan and not in any affiliated with Catalyst or Topps.

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