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A Push Forwards in Cloud Enhanced Embedded Systems and in IoT

I have been interested for a while now about the integration of cloud services to the embedded systems that traditionally haven’t been able to communicate in anyway. Naturally, I’m not alone in this interest of course and that is for the good and if you are reading this article it’s a very good chance that you have an interest in the topic as well.

My master’s thesis was a mapping study of embedded systems that have been enhanced by the cloud and connectivity in general. I was also interested the current state, development, benefits and problems of these systems. One of the key issue that I found was the lack of industry supported, open protocols that would allow more ubiquitous connectivity. Different manufacturers use different protocols that cannot communicate with each other like for instance any Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected device supporting common protocols can.


Using Phillips Hue From The Command Line

Connected appliances are my thing. I actually wrote a thesis about those suckers. Cool stuff and most likely the way of the future.

That also means that I felt almost obliged to buy the Phillips Hue -lights. They are ordinary light bulbs but you can control them from your phone or via Internet. But really, you could control the lights from any device, program or service that has the ability send HTTP requests.

Hue and Curl work well together


Connected Appliances

My thesis covered the topic of cloud enhanced embedded systems or Cees for short. One of the requirements for such system is the ability to connect, to communicate with the surrounding world.

I briefly mentioned one such appliance in my writing. This was the Phillips Hue LED lightbulbs. They look like ordinary lightbulbs and behave as expected. You screw them in, turn the switch and presto, you have light. This is how people like their lights behaving, so nothing surprising there. What is interesting in these bulbs is that they have a ZigBee-radio and protocol stack built into them.

Hue LED lights


Cloud Enhanced Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are everywhere. The variety of different types of embedded systems and purposes are wide. Yet, many of these systems are islands in an age where more and more systems are being connected to the Internet. The ability to connect to the Internet can be taken advantage in multiple ways. One is to take advantage of the resources cloud computing can offer. Currently, there are no comprehensive overviews how embedded systems could be enhanced by cloud computing. In my master’s thesis “Cloud Enhanced Embedded Systems” we study what cloud enhanced embedded systems are and what their benefits, risks, typical implementation methods, and platforms are.