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How To Prevent Wacom Sketch Manager Automatically Starting in OS X

Wacom makes great drawing tablets and fun drawing tools like the Inkling. Unfortunately I have been less than impressed with their Sketch Manager application in OS X, the software that comes bundled with the Inkling pen. When I login after a restart, the Sketch Manager starts automatically. This can get annoying and it's not the way this kind of OS X application should behave.

Sketch Manager


Back-Up Your Raspberry Pi SD-Card

Raspberry Pi uses SD-cards to as their root filesystem. Unfortunately SD-cards are not the most trustworthy medium of data storage and lower class cards’ filesystems have tendencies to get corrupted.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to make image-files out of SD-cards. Image files are handy, since they store the whole system as is with configurations and applications installed. In this post I will explain how I do a image file out of your Raspberry Pi SD-card.


Splitting Java FXML-views and controllers

In this post, I’m going to show how to split FXML-files and include one FXML-file to a second FXML-file. I will also show how to create a separate controller for those FXML-files.

Java FX and FXML, I’m sure, is everyone’s favourite GUI building library for Java. No? Not your favourite? You are surprised it’s even alive any more? Well it is. Since it seems that it is not actually widely used, there are limited amount of tutorials and help available. After getting help myself and doing bit of google-fu I managed to do what I wanted. This is what I found out.


Using Phillips Hue From The Command Line

Connected appliances are my thing. I actually wrote a thesis about those suckers. Cool stuff and most likely the way of the future.

That also means that I felt almost obliged to buy the Phillips Hue -lights. They are ordinary light bulbs but you can control them from your phone or via Internet. But really, you could control the lights from any device, program or service that has the ability send HTTP requests.

Hue and Curl work well together