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Laying Siege on My Site

Note: I'm no longer using Raspberry Pi + Wordpress. Results in this post doesn't reflect the current performance of my site.

In this post I will put my Raspberry Pi into the test. I’m going to essentially DDoS my site and see what kind of results I get. To do this I have to lay siege on my site.

Raspberry Pi in its white bottom case


Past, Present and Future of My Site

Note: I'm no longer using Wordpress and Raspberry Pi to run this blog.

I have modified, redefined, re-engineered and redesigned my personal website countless times since 2006 when I discovered the power of coding. Today I’m moving to WordPress and back to PHP on my personal site. What makes this an unusual site is that it runs on Raspberry Pi.

My first site back in 2006

This post describes my experiences with different technologies as I have experimented and developed my site. I will also go into what my current setup is.