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Future posts: It's all about code and Star Wars

Just few days ago I finally published a new post, just before the New Year. But before that I had been silent over a year. Hopefully this year I'll be able to publish more than one post. This post is about my plans what to publish this year.

The past couple of years has been (mostly) good for Star Wars fans. We have gotten new movies and new perspective on the Galaxy far far away.

I have gotten absolutely nuts and geeked out over Star Wars (again). I have read all of the new canon novels. I have read more graphic novels (comics) than I have in ages. I have listened to podcasts about Star Wars and heard almost every theory the Internet has about who is Snoke and who are Rey's parents. I have played the new table-top roleplaying game, aptly named Star Wars, and the new miniatures game Armada published by Fantasy Flight Games.

I would be lying if I'd say I had done this purely for research so I could make some nice posts about the topic. But since I have invested all that time to this "hobby" I thought I might do some post based on my experiences with the books, games and the franchise in general.

In addition to Star Wars, I'm planning to make short post about specific features in various programming languages. Most likely those languages will be Swift, Go and perhaps PHP and Node (JS).

Stay tuned, if you are interested.


Splitting Java FXML-views and controllers

In this post, I’m going to show how to split FXML-files and include one FXML-file to a second FXML-file. I will also show how to create a separate controller for those FXML-files.

Java FX and FXML, I’m sure, is everyone’s favourite GUI building library for Java. No? Not your favourite? You are surprised it’s even alive any more? Well it is. Since it seems that it is not actually widely used, there are limited amount of tutorials and help available. After getting help myself and doing bit of google-fu I managed to do what I wanted. This is what I found out.


So What Are Ruby :Symbols Anyway?

I was minding my own business and redoing my blog’s underlying engine like I tend to do every other week just because the next version will surely be more awesome than the earlier. As I was doing my rails blog app I ran into symbols.

I have used ruby for a while now and I haven’t given much thought what these funny little things called symbols are. You know the things that look like they are variables or objects but really aren’t. The ones with a colon in front of them like :post or :state_secret (and by colon I mean the two little dots not the last part of the digestive system).

Well, turns out that they are just strings. But they have magical powers. They are immutable.